Akshaya Patra's 16th Year Anniversary

Akshaya Patra's 16th Year Anniversary

Friday, May 8, 2015

Akshaya Patra wishes a very Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is observed as a day to honour and respect our mothers, the essence of motherhood and the maternal bond itself. It began as a celebration in the United States way back in early 20th century.

Eventually, it is seen to be celebrated cross the globe. Mother’s Day is celebrated annually across many countries. However the dates of celebration differ from country to country. March and May are the most common months of celebrating Mother’s Day. In India, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year. The significance of celebrating Mother’s Day may range from scriptural references to the general understanding of honouring our mother and motherhood. This year 10th of May will be celebrated as Mother’s Day.

Traits like care, love, nurture, nourish, patience comes naturally to a mother. Mothers worldwide go to any extent to provide the best for their child be it food, education, or day-to-day learning.  It is seen that mothers across the world thrive to provide the most nutritious and hygienic food to the child. Home-made food or mom-cooked food is something we all look forward to and relish wholeheartedly. Even if the child is a fussy eater the mother will bring in her most innovative cooking tactics to make sure that nutrition intake is taken care of. 

Taking inspiration from mothers care and love The Akshaya Patra Foundation ensures that mid-day meal is cooked with love. The women employees at the kitchen are mothers of children too and each of them understands the importance of clean, hygienic and nutritious meal in the growth of a child. Be it centralised kitchen or decentralised, all women worker shares the same sentiment of motherhood in preparing millions of mid-day meals each day. A recent video of Akshaya PatraMorsel of Love’ illustrates the involvement of women employees in the kitchen in preparation of mid-day meal. Akshaya Patra salutes all the women employees and wishes all of them and all the mothers across the world a very happy Mother’s Day.

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